DECEMBER 5, 2017

Attending: Gary Haley, Juli Vanderhoop, Jim Newman (Chairman), Paul Manning, Randhi Belain, Jay Smalley, Sibel Suman, Carolyn Feltz, Frankie Perez

Meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m. by Chairman Newman.

First item on the agenda was approval of the minutes of the November 21, 2017 meeting. Gary moved and Jim seconded that the minutes be approved. The vote was 2 in favor, Juli abstained due to her having been absent from the meeting. The Selectmen further approved the minutes of the executive session held on November 21, 2017. Gary moved and Jim seconded approval of the Executive Session minutes. The vote was 2 in favor with Juli abstaining due to absence at the meeting.

Sibel delivered reports on revenues received from the municipal parking lot, landfill and Philbin Beach. Parking lot fees were up by $9,950.00 over last year resulting in receipts of $167,485.00. Philbin Beach permit receipts were $34,265.00. Landfill receipts were $25,219.50 for FY ‘17. She also reported on the town investment accounts. Despite conservative nature of the investments the investments have increased by $21,456.72 since being opened in January 2017.
Selectman Haley commended Carolyn Feltz for her management of the parking lot and other municipal recreational facilities this past season. It was suggested that consideration be given to selling ticket books at the town office tor disposal of waste at the landfill, or in the alternative to require the landfill attendant to be bonded due to handling cash. No decision was made on either proposal.

Julie suggested that the Town charge companies who store brush or equipment at the town lot during the off-season. No action was taken on the suggestion.

Paul Manning gave a report on the condition of the town vehicle (Dodge Charger) kept in Woods Hole. The vehicle was repaired, apparently without authorization, by O’Hara Motors in Falmouth. The safety repairs were made and there remains a need for other repairs to pass the emission check. Currently the vehicle has a “failed” emissions sticker attached. The vehicle is allowed to be driven for a period of time with the “failed” sticker. Currently there are no safety issues outstanding so the car can be operated safely. It was agreed by the Board that it is necessary to continue to have a town vehicle in Woods Hole. It was agreed that police would replace the Dodge Charger with whatever fleet vehicle was retired in early February. Action on payment for the unauthorized repairs was deferred to the next meeting to allow Paul to speak with O’Hara.

There was a discussion of the boat belonging to the Tribe that is tied to the dock at West Basin. The Shellfish Committee requested that the boat be removed for the course of the scallop season. Chief Belain stated that he felt the boat was needed there for safety concerns, noting that the boat had been used recently as part of a necessary emergency matter. Juli pointed out that the boat’s pontoons were partially deflated and suggested that the Tribe be requested to show maintenance records. Jim Newman mentioned that the inter-governmental agreement had not been signed by the Tribe. However he supported the notion of allowing the boat to remain tied to the dock. He indicated he would speak with Brett Sterns about the maintenance issue. He indicated he would request Brett to attend the next meeting to discuss moving the boat.

Marie Dunbar from the M. V. Cultural Council requested that the town pay the $1,500.00 appropriated at town meeting. She indicated that an invoice had been sent to the Town, but payment, now long overdue, had not been received. The town administrator agreed to expedite payment upon receipt of an invoice.

Gary mentioned the ACC Fundraiser being held on Saturday evening at the Town Hall.

Jay informed the Selectmen that he had removed a failed piece of equipment from the playground. He may have to remover more equipment that is unsafe for children. The equipment is being stored behind the town hall.

Julie brought up that it would be nice to have some holiday lights at the town hall. Jeff suggested that the town acquire a couple of laser lights that could easily be installed.

Julie expressed frustration at not having found volunteers for the Park & Recreation Committee.

Jeff informed the Selectmen of the efforts of Mitzi Pratt, Richard Skidmore, Derrill Bazzy, Berta Welch, Jim Pickman and Gisele Gauthier to apply for a grant from Mass Historic Commission.

Jeff mentioned having received an email from Kathy Newman requesting that she be re-appointed as Selectmen’s designee to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Julie moved that Kathy be re-appointed, Gary seconded the motion. The vote was 2 in favor with Jim abstaining.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

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