Aquinnah Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting 7/11/2017
Aquinnah Town Hall Selectmen’s Meeting Room

Members present: Jim Newman, Chairman, Vice Chairman Gary Haley and Julianne Vanderhoop
Also present: Board Administration Assistant Sophia Welch, Fire Chief Simon Bollin, Police Chief Randhi Belain, Town Treasurer/HR Sibel Suman, Personnel Member Kathy Newman, and Vineyard Power President Richard Andre

The meeting began at 5:40 pm.

- First on the agenda under Old Business was a review of minutes from 6/29/17.
Julianne made a motion to accept the minutes from June 29th. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

- Next on the agenda under Old Business was the continuation of the discussion on Town Hall Office hours and Fall/Winter Friday Closure. Sibel Suman, Town HR, felt that during the off-season, November through April, the Town Hall could be closed on Fridays. Sibel suggested a test run of a four day work week. Chief Belain felt that someone needs to be in the Town Hall Monday through Friday. The Board, by consensus, agreed to take it under advisement and continue to review and discuss Town Hall hours.

- Next on the agenda under New Business was a meeting with Richard Andre, President of Vineyard Power. Mr. Andre gave an update on the Vineyard Wind off shore wind farm project. Mr. Andre stated that the Federal Government has allotted 5 leases for off shore wind farms. Currently there are three lessees, one being Vineyard Wind which has partnered with Vineyard Power. The two remaining leases will be put up to auction by the Government in 2018. Mr. Andre spoke about the location of the Vineyard Wind project. The proposed wind farm would be 14 miles south of Nantucket and 14 miles south the south shore with the project company being based out of Vineyard Haven and New Bedford. The surveys that have been done on the location will determine the engineering portion of the project. Vineyard Wind is preparing for another round of surveys in August which will determine the route of the cable that will be connecting to the grid. The survey route will begin up through the Muskeget Channel across Nantucket Sound and to the Cape. One of the vessels for this survey will be based out of Vineyard Haven located at the Tisbury Wharf Company. Fisherman will be notified of the survey. The vessels will have 24hr marine mammal observers and be restricted to a 10 knots speed limit. Tribal consultation has been done with three tribes – Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and Narragansett Tribe. Vineyard Wind is also meeting with all Island municipalities and across the Cape. The Selectmen thanked Mr. Andre for his time.

- Next on the agenda under New Business was the appointment of the Town Administrator Search Committee. Kathy Newman, Personnel Committee Chair, presented the Selectmen with a committee list constructed by the Personnel Committee. The list comprised of a representative across the Town Administration and included the following: Kathy Newman, Personnel Committee Chair, June Manning, Personnel Committee, Alex Taylor, Personnel Committee, Gary Haley, Board of Selectmen Representative, Allen Rugg, Finance Committee Chair, Emily Day, Town Staff Representative, and Sibel Suman, H/R Administrator.
Julianne made a motion to appoint the Town Administrator Search Committee list as presented by Kathy Newman. Gary Seconded.
The Board voted 3-0 in favor. The motion passed.

- Next on the agenda under New Business was a review of the Board of Assessors report in the 2016 Town Report. The Board reviewed the report. Jim expressed that the report was not a review but more of a critique on the Town and a political statement. More discussion was had about the report. The Board agreed that the report should be resubmitted and the revised report be published in the papers. Sibel Suman suggested that the Town Reports be reviewed prior to publication. The Board agreed.
Julianne made a motion to ask the Board of Assessors to re-write their annual 2016 Town Report. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3-0 in favor. The motion passed.

- Next on the agenda under New Business was the Aquinnah Regional Cooperation Grant. The Selectmen reviewed the Grant. No action was needed as the Grant had the proper signatures.

- In Other Business the Board discussed the Annual Summer Resident’s Meeting. The Board decided to hold the meeting on Tuesday August 1st.
Sophia is to post a meeting for August 1st, 2017 for the annual Summer Resident’s meeting.

- In Other Business an email from Ronald Low to the Board of Selectmen was reviewed. Mr. Low expressed his interest in naming the new board walk at Philbin and paying for a sign to be constructed. The Selectmen agreed that the Town and Philbin have plenty of signage. The Board thanked Mr. Low for the suggestion and offer. The Board agreed to take it under advisement.

- In Other Business Simon reported that the emergency drills that occurred on Sunday July 9th. The drills ware held on Tribal Lands with Natural Resources Rangers, Tri Town and the Aquinnah Police. Simon credited Bret Stearns, Wampanoag Tribe Natural Resource Director, and Mike Sellitti, Wampanoag Tribe Ranger, for putting the drill together and its success. Simon reported that the new fire truck is on island took part in both the Town’s Fourth of July Parade and Edgartown’s parade. The truck will be in service when the remainder of the payment is made. Simon also updated the Board on the upcoming Safety Daye being held in the Aquinnah Circle along with the Aquinnah Cultural Center Artisans Fair. Simon asked for Gary to set up a meeting with the Town Campus Committee to get back on track and refocus on direction with the architect. Gary agreed with Simon and will set a meeting time for the Town Campus Committee.

- In Other Business Julianne discussed the bathroom walkway at the Cliffs and its condition after the last rainstorm. Julianne had talked with Issac Taylor and he offered his equipment to the Town if they need help. The Board, by consensus, agreed to pass on the message to Jay Smalley, Director of Public Works.

- In Other Business the Board discussed the offer from Matt Hayden to the Town on paying for new basketball nets at the basketball court. Mr. Hayden is interested in doing a basketball clinic and would like to use the Town basketball court. Jim noted that there is someone else who is also interested in giving support to the rehabilitation of the court. Jay Smalley has estimated that the work to be done would cost around $1500.00. The Board, by consensus, agreed to pursue the offers.

- Jim asked if there was anything else to come before the board. Hearing none, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

-The meeting ended at 6:23 pm.

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