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Angela Cywinski
MON - FRI 11AM to 5PM, Hours Observed, Due to various inspections and related fieldwork plus educational requirements; it's best to call or email for availability.

The current Board Members are: Elise LeBovit, Darren Leport and Michael W. Stutz, Chair.
The contact email is and our online mapping website is
We have a Google Plus Account with a google drive which enables the Board to have forms and information available to the public, see links below:
STATE FORM 2 filed by all businesses operating in Town:
Assessed Value List by Owners Name:
Financial Review 2006 for Aquinnah:
Motor Vehicle Abatement Form:
Tax Maps:
Assessors are responsible for assessing property taxes, the major source of revenue for most communities, as well as miscellaneous excise taxes assessed in lieu of personal property taxes, such as the motor vehicle, boat and farm animal excises. Assessors also play a key role in the collection of special assessments and betterments and certain delinquent municipal charges.
The assessment date is January 1st preceding six months before the fiscal year starts on July 1st. We are a quarterly community, i.e. taxes bills are mailed four times a year. The first two quarters of the fiscal year generates a preliminary tax bill which is based on the prior year taxes. How to calculate the estimated tax amount; use the prior year tax and divide by four. The remainder will be the 1st and 2nd quarter payment.
The third or actual tax bill shows the value plus the new tax rate for the fiscal year which is retro active back to July 1st, start of the fiscal year. The fourth quarter tax bill is the last bill for that fiscal year.
The payment due dates are: August 1st, November 1st, February 1st and May 1st.