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BOS Mtg-Selectmen's meeting room

Feb 21 2017 - 5:30pm
Feb 21 2017 - 6:30pm

Aquinnah Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting 2/21/2017
Aquinnah Town Hall

Members present: Chairman Julianne Vanderhoop, Jim Newman, Gary Haley
Also present: Town Administrator Adam Wilson, Fire Chief Simon Bollin, DPW Director Jay Smalley, Police Sergeant Paul Manning, CPC Chairman Derrill Bazzy, Planning Board Chairman Peter Temple, OB Land & Wharf Owner John Tiernan and Chilmark Interim Police Chief Tim Rich.

The meeting began at 5:30 pm.

1st on the agenda was review of the minutes from the 2/7 Meeting.
Jim made a motion to accept the minutes from February 7th, Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.
-Next on the agenda was further review of the Town Hall Job Descriptions. Juli said she had read all the JD’s and found them acceptable. Gary and Jim said the same.
Jim made a motion to accept all 17 revised job descriptions, Gary seconded.
In the discussion, Jim said that he would like to have every new JD signed off on by the department head and to start the evaluation process.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

-Next on the agenda under Old Business was a meeting with PB Chairman Peter Temple to update the report of the housing production plan. He said the draft plans from January go to the consultants at the end of the month. He said there is now substance on what action the town can take towards community housing. Some of the language was changed to make the document more relevant to Aquinnah. The numerical goal for housing units stays the same. Peter asked if some of the recommendations could actually go forward. Many of the regional recommendations need further study. It doesn’t have to be figured out now. There was discussion about the CPC financial commitment to housing after the needs of the lighthouse are taken care of. Peter said there can be more housing to be done in conjunction with what the tribal lands and infrastructure are available. Peter discussed island wide strategies and what can be done should there be an individual or group willing to pursue regional changes. Air B & B’s are being looked at as a way to tax for general revenue purposes. The proposal is already being looked at in Boston communities. Derrill said the report has been fine tuned and there is a list so that going forward, there can an empowerment to have an impact in the town. Peter said some of the strategies are based on others being done 1st.
There was discussion about the restrictions on accessory structures for family or caregiver purposes. Peter said there are still places in town where siting needs to be reviewed, especially in the DCPC Districts. Peter said a revised version will be available in 3 weeks and then the P-Board and BOS will convene together and vote to approve.

-Next on the agenda was a meeting with the Vineyard Moped Action Committee and their non binding ballot question request to ban mopeds on MV. Chief Rich explained that there is now a public opinion campaign to rid the island of moped rentals. He said he has no problem with ownership of them but the goal is to have a ballot question to gauge opinion on allowing inexperienced people to operate mopeds. Tim said his own family has been affected by moped accidents. Chapter 90 funding and the limitations towns have in preventing different types of traffic on state roads was discussed. Tim asked for a warrant article as well since it would allow for discussion/debate on the floor at the annual town meeting the day before everyone goes to the voting booths.
Jim made a motion to have a warrant article and non binding ballot question on the annual warrant to consider the elimination of mopeds on the Vineyard. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

-Next on the agenda was a meeting with the Housing Bank Citizen’s Committee and the non binding ballot question on CPC Funding for regional housing projects. Derrill talked about a regional statement on providing more funds to affordable housing from CPC Funds. He explained that there could be a proposed 1% housing bank fee as well as other resources to fill a regional housing bank pot. He said there are several aspects to be looked at but does the town, and the island, want to appropriate a percentage of the funds towards a regional housing bank with predictable housing funds each year. Juli said it’s very much needed. Peter asked is it the tax or the creation of a repository fund for housing. Adam read the non-binding question which asks for the creation of a regional bank and the allocation of funds form each town’s CPC funds. Derrill talked about the pros and cons of towns participating. He said there is more emphasis on rentals now instead of ownership. Infrastructure could also be included.
Jim made a motion for "Are you in favor of establishing a regional housing bank, to address the critical housing needs on the Vineyard? The initial funding for this housing bank will come from a portion of each town’s existing Community Preservation Act (“CPA”) funds.”
and to have a warrant article and ballot question on the annual warrant Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed

-Last on the agenda under new business was a meeting with Summer Parking/Beach Director Carolyn Feltz. The discussion centered on the 2017 summer management plan. Jim asked who will be working with Carolyn. She said Julienne (LaBell) will work with her. She said there are still lots to talk about and the restroom situation still needs to be figured out in terms of staffing (Since Priscilla Belain’s retirement last year). She said it was difficult to not have the attendant anymore. She said it’s not going to change much from the previous year. Running the lighthouse by the town was talked about. Carolyn hopes for more efficiency this year. Jay said the bathrooms are the biggest issue going forward. Jim emphasized that Carolyn must have enough help. She said being back in her home will help a lot this year. There was discussion about having enough personnel so that when things go awry, there is enough support to solve problems and not let things get out of hand. Jay suggested another entrance to the parking lot so that drivers can have easier access to the lot. Maybe people would stop looping around if they came upon the entrance at the bottom of the circle instead of going around to Moshup’s Trail to get in.
Jay said the clearing of land will make the P- Lot more enticing. Jay said the lighthouse park is going to need more tables and trash receptacles. The parking lot will remain open until 5:00 pm and more is to be charged up front to raise revenue. Recycling was talked about. The # of daily cars in the lot was reviewed. The use of credit cards and point of sale and cameras at the booth was thought to be good ideas as well. Simon said there needs to be a fire lane in case there is a car fire. Other communities have had disasters because of over parking.

-In Other Business, John Tiernan from OB Land & Wharf came to the board to ask for a street license for island history tours he’ll operate during the summer and fall season. He showed he had an endorsement from the MV Museum and just got approval from Chilmark. He said he’s purchased 4 Ford transit vans that are 15 passengers to provide tours. He needs DPU approval for State Rd to the Aquinnah Circle R/T and that there will be 2 trips a day. He said there might be a down island and up island tour. The cost is $28 person. He said he would enjoy having an Aquinnah historian to give him background for his tours.
Jim made a motion to grant a street license for the OB Land & Wharf Co for tours over Aquinnah roads in 2017. Gary Seconded.
The Board voted 2 – 0 – 1(Juli) in favor. The motion passed.

-In Other Business, Jim asked about the Grant Watch program. He said a grant writer is needed. Adam said he could have the position if the Selectmen wanted to renegotiate his hours so that another individual could take over front desk receptionist duties. There was discussion about who has the capability to write grants in the Aquinnah community. Simon said the dept. of fire service has $$ money for different categories each year. The problem is federal grant applications are sometimes 200 pages long. He talked about having a calendar to know when to apply and deadlines and staying on top of the application process so you don’t lose out. He is paying attention to 7 – 8 that would aid his department. Adam talked about who can pursue grants and at what level. Simon said that the big EMS buildings in West Tisbury and Tisbury were heavily funded through grants because they were for multi emergency service use.
In Other Business, The Board took up the request by the Aquinnah Cultural Center to use the Circle again to hold the Native American Artisans' Festival on Saturday, July 22, 2017. They would also like to be able to park cars (Festival parking only) in the Circle as well.
Jim made a motion to allow the NAAF in the Aquinnah Circle Saturday, July 22nd. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

In Other Business, Simon brought up the weddings occurring on land bank property adjacent to the Vanderhoop Homestead. He also brought up the water tank in the circle needing to be replaced because it is leaking. He wants to upgrade it as well from 7,500 gallons to 20,000. The estimated cost is $38K, not including excavation. There was discussion about having the funding sources in stabilization funds to take care of the cost.
-Simon talked about a HumVee he has acquired from the federal excess property program. Simon said he asked 18 months ago to get this vehicle and it was surplus from Groton CT with a new engine. It will be painted red and used by the DPW and the fire department. Simon said it will be outside, the body is aluminum. It only has 9,400 miles.

-Juli asked if there was anything else to come before the board. Hearing none, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

-The meeting ended at 6:55 pm.