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Lighthouse Advisory Board Meeting

Feb 16 2017 - 4:00pm
Feb 16 2017 - 5:30pm

Gay Head Lighthouse Advisory Board
Notes of Meeting 2/16/2017
Aquinnah Town Hall Selectmen’s Mtg Room

Members present: Chairman Len Butler, Richard Skidmore, Elise LeBovit, Betsey Mayhew*, Renee Pianka*, Jim Pickman*, Tom Murphy*
Also present: Town Administrator Adam Wilson, Selectman Gary Haley
*on conference phone
The meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm (No quorum physically present)

-The review of the minutes from the 12-19 and 1-26 meeting was put off for acceptance until the next meeting of the advisory board.
-The report of current financials shows there is $35,875K in the bank. Jim reported that Adam has sent the letter to the PEF for the $77,500 in pledge money they are currently holding. Adam reported that a $2,500 donation has come in as well.

-Richard gave a Lighthouse Park update. There is a scheduled wedding to take place February 28th. He talked about the lighthouse light being out briefly during the recent blizzard and also had to be reset another time due to a power shortage. Richard talked about getting the protocols right between him, the police and Coast Guard reporting authorities when there is a power outage. The most recent reset he was able to do without having the CC come out from Woods Hole to do the same. There was discussion about the wire burying project as well an what still needs to be done with Eversource, Verizon and ComCast. Richard reported that the poles would be available as a walkway barrier once they were taken down.

-Len gave a restoration update. Viewpoint Metals is still working on shop drawings and has to get Mass Historic approval.
-There was discussion about the new licensing agreement. Whether or not the Museum can open the tours an hour earlier is an ongoing discussion. Adam confirmed the license has to go out to bid for 2018 and beyond.

-In fundraising & Grants, Len said Gisele Gautier continues to do grant writing work for the Mass Historic Commission Preservation Projects and the National Park Service Maritime Grant.
He said George Sourati has signed on to provide the engineering reports his office has already done for the relocation to go to the other grants. $65K is proposed for the grant with the work to be done in 2018. The grant is a match so the Board will be asking for the matching funds as a warrant article at the May annual town meeting.
-Next was the announcement that the RFP has been released to the Central Register. Adam to get the local advertising for the project into the papers next week. Len said the bids have to come from one contractor; the job can’t be subbed out. His hope is to have this work done right before Memorial Day weekend.
-There was discussion about raising the admission fee from $5 to $10 dollars. Elise said it will help offset all the costs to restore the structure. There was also discussion about having a booth at the Agricultural Fair. Elise asked if there is still support in doing it. Board Members thought it was a great idea and encouraged Elise to go forward in setting it up
-The Board agreed to meet again Monday the 13th of February at 4:00 pm. With no other business to talk about,

The meeting ended at 5:10 pm.