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Lighthouse Advisory Board meeting

Apr 19 2017 - 4:00pm
Apr 19 2017 - 5:30pm

Gay Head Lighthouse Advisory Board
Notes of Meeting 4/19/2017
Aquinnah Town Hall Selectmen’s Mtg Room

Members present: Chairman Len Butler, Jim Pickman*, Richard Skidmore, Betsey Mayhew, Elise LeBovit
Also Present: Town Administrator Adam Wilson, Selectmen Gary Haley
*on conference phone

The meeting was called to order at 4:04 pm.
-1st on the agenda under Old Business was a review of minutes from previous meetings.
Motions were made and seconded to approve the minutes from the following meetings:
12-19, 1-26 and 2-16.
The Committee voted 5-0 in favor to approve minutes from December 19th, January 26th and February 16th
The mintes from March 13th were incomplete and put off for approval to the next meeting.

-Next on the agenda was a report of current financials. Jim said there has been no changes since the last meeting. Currently there is $94,500 in the gift fund with $5-6K in pledges still due in by the end of the year. He talked about the funds appropriated for Viewpoint Metals and that there are no other projects currently but some funds for signage might be needed.
-Elise handed in $500 from donations and contributions from Chilmark Chocolates and $66 from the cans. Len said he’d get a thank you letter to Alison Burger at CC.
-Next on the Agenda was a report for the lighthouse and the park. Richard said the interior paint job for the lighthouse is completed. The upper area wasn’t painted this year and the fact there are no mold issues this year helped the annual project go smoother.
The pathway to the park was talked. It still needs maintenance and more “stay lock” to properly crown the pathway. Richard said there might be a need for another grass seeding but perhaps fertilizer and water will take care of the fescue blend.
-The locked gate and access by vehicle was talked about and hours posted to identify when the park is open. Adam said he’d talk to the town’s insurer about what is acceptable in posting hours/trespassing notice for the closure of the lighthouse park.
-Next on the agenda was a restoration update. Len said the MHC has approved the masonry work but International Chimney is delayed. They plan to mobilize by May 15th but need to work past the Memorial Day Weekend. There was discussion about getting the work done ASAP on the balcony from the outside. There was consensus by the Board to get the work done after Memorial Day. Betsey asked what scaffolding would be in place. Len said they would start May 15th and finish in 2 – 3 weeks.
-Len showed shop drawings for restoration of the window grille to be replaced and additional ballusters as well. Len read the letter from the MHC detailing the work still needing approval. The Board, by consensus, agreed to go ahead with the Viewpoint work and authorize the materials purchase before final MHC approval.
Richard motioned to approve the shop drawings as presented. Elise seconded.
The Board voted 5 - 0 in favor. The motion passed.

-Next on the agenda was fundraising and grants. There was discussion about trying to seek out more grant opportunities and going for bigger funding that may be out there and to use Gisele’s services as well.
There was discussion about the $220K raised so far for restoration with a million still needed to fully restore the structure. Len said the Lantern room is next and needs the most work. The conditions report needs more breakout so that the lantern area could be a specific target.
-The MPPF Grant was discussed. There are $2 million in requests but only $1 Million in funds. Len said the town’s grant application needed additional info and it has been provided.
-Len updated everyone on the meeting he attended with the Planning Board. He said the changing of the special permit language for the hours of operation for lighthouse tours has been accomplished. He also said the pedestrian path is approved for another year. Len asked the PB if the path can be permanent from the shops to the bridge. Adam said there’s a warrant article to pay for the telephone pole railing. Adam to follow up with Verizon on their cost estimates for the underground burying of their conduit at the circle.
Richard said he’ll ask Jay to cost out short term for metal fencing until the project is done.
-Len also talked about the PB meeting and circle areas that were mowed area for the Tinker Weed. He talked about how people are walking in the conservation restricted area, especially in the pathway to the bridge. Wooden posts and rope are up to section off the area until the meadow grass grows back.
-The Manning Property and roof work was talked about. Adam said there is regular maintenance going on through the DPW.
-Elise announced that the Living Learning Center has a presentation for May 2nd at 7:00 pm for an award to Ken & Liz for their lighthouse documentary work.
-Betsey said the lighthouse should be open for regular tours around the 21st of June for the solstice. Daily tours should start around June 17th and stay open through Columbus Day. She asked that the even for a solstice be both the town and the Museum. To be discussed in full at the next meeting. She also reported that staffing is going well and should be full by the start of the season. There was discussion about further advertising tour job opportunities through various town advertising options.

-The Board agreed to meet again Monday the 15th of May at 4:00 pm
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
The Committee voted unanimously in favor. The motion passed.
The meeting ended at 5:17 pm.