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Personnel Committee Mtg

Feb 1 2017 - 4:00pm
Feb 1 2017 - 5:00pm

DRAFT Minutes
Personnel Committee Meeting
Minutes of Meeting 2/1/2017
Aquinnah Town Hall Mtg Room

Members present: Kathy Newman, Chair, June Manning*, Alex Taylor
Also present: Adam Wilson, Town Administrator, Employee Representative Sgt Paul Manning, Assessor Angela Cwyinski, Jay MacLeod.
*Arrived at 4:45 pm.
The meeting began at 4:05 pm.
1st on the agenda under Old Business was a review of the minutes from 12/19.
Alex made a motion to accept the minutes from December 19th. Kathy seconded.
The Committee voted 2 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.
-There was discussion with Paul about his role as the employee rep. There was discussion about employees not being able to attend meetings late afternoons.
Kathy asked Adam to send out notification to employees that Paul is the employee rep and that meeting agenda’s and minutes are available through Adam and the Town Clerk.
There was discussion about different departments needing notification in order to keep up with what’s going with the PC. Angela talked about her desire for the Town Hall to have monthly staff meetings. Alex said if that’s the case then find out if other members of Town Hall want the same and then present the suggestion to either Adam or the Selectmen.
-Kathy suggested that there should be an inquiry as to whether or not there should be monthly staff meetings.
-There was discussion about putting minutes of PC meetings on the web site.

-In Old Business Alex asked if the Library JD has been approved by the Trustees. Adam said it hasn’t.
Adam to ask the Trustees if the JD is approved and can go to the Selectmen.
-There was a review of the job descriptions submitted by Mary Aircadi from the Collins Center and the amendments made by the Committee.
Alex made a motion to leave the confidentiality statements as is, based on Mary Aircadi’s recommendation. Kathy seconded.
In the discussion, the committee and Adam talked about Sibel’s role as Benefits Administrator, having a personnel handbook and a sign off for approved JD’s and other docs that may come from human resources.
The Committee voted 2 – 0 in favor, the motion passed.
-There was a brief discussion about the ACO being insured against animal attacks. Adam said it was covered in workman’s comp but would check to be sure.
-Adam showed the committee the other JD’s with changes they had approved at the last meeting. Additional language was added into the “essential functions” and “education & experience” for the Harbormaster and Building Inspector. There was discussion about the ‘Nature and Purpose” in the JD’s. Alex said it’s now different from the one she saw previously for the Town Clerk, but she was fine with the text currently presented. Alex and Kathy agreed that the word “constantly” should be removed from the statement.

-Next on the agenda under New Business was a review of the personnel bylaw regarding the holiday schedule. Adam said that the Selectmen are proposing to the PC a warrant article asking voters if the ½ day Christmas Eve and the Friday after Thanksgiving should be removed from the by-laws because they are not state recognized holidays and instead still be allowed each year by a majority vote of the Selectmen.
-In the discussion, PC members thought that the day after Thanksgiving should remain as a paid holiday and to add language saying, “in addition to the state recognized holidays, the Friday after Thanksgiving will be a day off as well.” There was discussion about the ½ day Christmas Eve being allowed on the weekends. They decided that if Christmas Eve occurs Monday thru Friday, it remains a half day holiday. There was discussion about having the ½ day as a floating day off if it fell on a weekend day. There was also discussion about other religious days that are considered days off from work as well. (Adam at this point left the meeting). There was discussion about TH employees having the chance to comment on the proposed change either through other meetings or through the employee rep. Alex told Angela that the request for the Town Hall to have scheduled staff meetings is not under the committee’s purview. She should talk to Adam or the Selectmen if that is something she wants to see happen.

-Next in New Business the committee took up reviewing the draft Classification & Compensation Study done by Mary Aircadi at the UMass Collins Center. June said she was not happy with it. She had concerns about the wage differences and how some of the JD’s turned out. She said she’s worked on other studies and didn’t like the numbers or how the groups of jobs were put together. The questions that came up for Mary were:
1. The Library Director’s position is still open and the JD still needs to be finalized;
2. The Assessor title includes “principal” has been added;
3. The Lighthouse Keeper’s starting pay is high; $28 - 32
4. The Library Assistant only has 2 steps; $18.04 – $24.10;
5. Compensation placement for DPW Assistant and other clerical assistants (Accounting, CPC, etc.)
6. Possible change of the Police Sargent from Grade 7 to 8;
7. Possible lowering the grade for the Lighthouse Keeper.
-There was discussion about the change from #’s to Letters and the incorporation of a merit system involving evaluations every year. There was discussion about the ACO’s position as a monthly stipend. There was discussion about certain positions getting 10% increases. Kathy said increases also have to do with the # of hours each job has.
-Alex also wants to talk with Mary about the evaluation analysis and weight given to each position. Was Adam consulted on each job? June questioned positions having the same grade but not the same hours. The committee wanted a clearer understanding of what “grade” means. The Committee talked about different positions and the grades they are in and the qualifications for each. There was discussion about previous Library Directors and what they did in the position. Committee members talked about the DPW assistant being placed in the compensation plan and where it should go.
The Committee scheduled to meet Monday the 6th or the 13th at 3:15pm.
Angela requested a copy of the study be sent to her Board. Kathy said the study still wasn’t finalized and she’ll talk to Adam as to when it will be released to staff.

-The meeting ended at 5:45 pm.