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Personnel Committee Mtg

Feb 13 2017 - 4:00pm
Feb 13 2017 - 5:30pm

Personnel Committee Meeting
Minutes of Meeting 2/13/2017
Aquinnah Town Hall Mtg Room

Members present: Kathy Newman, Chair, June Manning, Alex Taylor*
Also present: Adam Wilson, Town Administrator, Employee Representative Sgt Paul Manning, Assessor Angela Cywinski**, Jay MacLeod, Treasurer/Benefits Administrator Sibel Suman, Town Accountant Emily Day, DPW Director Jay Smalley, ACO Angela Waldron, Elise Lebovit, Frank Perez, Fin Com Chairman Allen Rugg.
*Arrived at 4:20 pm.
**Via conference call
The meeting began at 4:05 pm.
1st on the agenda under Old Business was a review of the minutes from 12/19, 2/1 and 2/6.
The Committee waived review of prior meeting minutes until the next meeting.
Next on the agenda was further review of the C & C Study done by the Collins Center. There was discussion about the grades being 10% a part vs 15%. Sibel said her review shows it compromises a number of positions with lower pay scales. The committee agreed that no one would be harmed in terms of their current pay if the new compensation plan sets hourly rates lower. Positions inserted into the pay scale already at the end of the step scale would receive longevity instead.
There was discussion about the police grades at P-1, 2 and 3 and where they might fit in to the compensation scale. Kathy said she’d look at Sibel’s overall analysis to determine the differences in overall cost to the budget for the different proposed increases in pay. The committee talked about the step change comparison. Alex said it’s important for compensation in the town for the different positions to be competitive and that the grading reflects the categorical comparisons in the job descriptions.
-The grade for the Board Administrator and Board Assistant was talked about. Angela clarified what she had done in reporting a standard deviation of the pay scale. Emily said a C& C study is not an exact science but has a degree of objectivity to it.
-Jay asked about benefits that come to employees who work 20 hours or more. Position consolidation was discussed as a means of obtaining benefits. Angie requested that the ACO position be put in the grade system and to place it at a grade of “F”. Committee members questioned if all stipend positions (ACO, Fire Chief, Emg Mgt Director) should be classified and in the compensation scale.
The Committee by consensus, agreed to put the Animal Control Position back into the grade system. There was discussion about the position needing to submit hours each payroll period. Jay asked if his assistant can be at a higher grade (8?). He talked about Frank’s position being a “mirror” of his. There was discussion about who Jay supervises, including Frank and the Lighthouse Keeper. Alex asked Jay to review the JD assistant’s position. Does it agree to his interpretation of what tasks are performed.
-Paul asked that discrepancies in the point system he’s found be looked at and possibly changed. There was discussion about a JD being wrong leading to the categorical grading being wrong as well. The point totals for certain positions were discussed.
-Adam explained that the Asst. DPW position was not reviewed because of monetary constraints. Only 17 JD’s were reviewed. There was discussion about the # of hours each positon has and are they being accounted for and by whom.
There was consensus by the committee that the Lighthouse Keeper, ACO and DPW Assistant needed further analysis. Also, should the compensation scale go for 3% step increases vs 2.5%.

The Committee scheduled to meet Wednesday, March 8th at 4:00pm.

-The meeting ended at 5:05 pm.